Dear parents/guardians:

We are hoping you are all doing well during this time and praying that things will come back to normal soon!

This is a letter to inform you about the Pre-registrations for the 2020-2021 year.

We are requesting parents to fill out the forms before the end of June 2020 this month.

Payments will be collected after the coordinator receives your registration papers.  You can now pay through e-transfer, it will go directly to the bank account of the church, we would highly recommend payments through e-transfer during this time but if you prefer to pay in cash, please email me for arrangements.

If you plan to e-transfer, you will have to set up St. John Cantius Church as one of your recipients. Please send registration fees to:


It is important that you make a note on the message part:

Catechism registration fee for your child’s name, level

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, things may change as time passes.  I will be in contact with the parents by email and give updates on our church website as soon we get the lead from the Public Health Authority and the Archdiocese of Manitoba office.

It will be a first come first serve basis so the earlier you register, you may have the opportunity to choose the day you prefer.  However, please keep in mind if you cannot get the day you prefer, it may depend on the availability of teachers, capacity of students required.  We hope that you will be able to understand the decisions that will be made for the new formation in the fall.

If you are interested in teaching Catechism or know anyone who would like to help out in the new school year, please let me know!

Any other concerns or questions, please contact me through email:


* Registration papers have been emailed to parents, but if you do not have registration papers, please email me.  We require parents to send the forms back no later than June 30, 2020 and payments should be made by July 12, 2020.

Thank you and God Bless!


Dianne Aquino
(Catechism Coordinator)